Are you experiencing any of these symptoms?

  • You can’t take on any more business because you can’t work any more hours. You are feeling burned out and unsure how to continue to grow

  • You feel pressure from your clients, prospects and competitors to lower your prices

  • You are doing all the right things, but your marketing is falling on deaf ears

If you said yes ... you're not operating from your Sweet Spot.

When you're operating from your Sweet Spot, business growth stops being hard.

As author and serial entrepreneur Mike Michalowicz points out in his book The Pumpkin Plan, growing an extraordinary business is just like growing an award-winning, colossal pumpkin. 

Just as you must start with a special seed to grow a giant pumpkin, you must also start with a special seed – your Sweet Spot – to experience extraordinary business growth.


Because when you're in your Sweet Spot ...

You're PROFITABLY selling something UNIQUE that your best clients want more of, and you have the SYSTEMS, processes, and people in place to easily deliver it, without your direct involvement, over and over again.

Are you ready to Level Up and Scale your business?

Most businesses start with an idea, and never develop an underlying strategy.

This may work for a while, but eventually, the business will get stuck. What got you to this point will not get you where you want to go. By focusing on what is already working, The Pumpkin Plan framework enables entrepreneurs to identify their Sweet Spot, and then create the underlying strategy to grow it. The Pumpkin Plan framework shows you how to find your special seed and implement a winning plan to grow it.

How Does It Work?

  • 1. Prioritize Self-Care - YOU have to be OK

    Self-care isn't about you - it's about you making sure your basic physical, mental, emotional, and financial needs are met so you can authentically serve others and not burn out.

    Take the precious time I help you save to tend & mend yourself and the relationships that bring you joy.

  • 2. Pumpkin Plan Your Biz

    Create an intentional strategy to nurture your best products, clients & markets into alignment with your core values using the Pumpkin Plan's proven framework so that growing and scaling are easier.

    Harness your growing skills to plant, water, and weed your business into efficiency and profitability.

  • 3. Build Systems & Automate

    Ditch repetitive paperwork - automate & integrate your books, website, point of sale, and email marketing to increase efficiency and get "good" data you can learn simple ways to leverage to make good decisions.

    Start now so you can make good business decisions while saving precious time.

Meet Shelly

Shelly Oswald

Hi, I'm Shelly.

I help overwhelmed Farmers, Makers & Shopify Sellers become more focused & efficient so they can profitably grow & scale their business.

Anyone can share their systems & processes, but how many are an accountant, own a farm, use Shopify to sell online and at markets, or have 30 years of experience in retail and inventory management for businesses they owned, and developed simple systems where the sales, payouts & inventory are automatically synced with their Quickbooks to ditch paper-work and give back precious time? I do & I did.

Certified as a Quickbooks Online Pro-Advisor – this means I am an expert with advanced knowledge in how to use and optimize Quickbooks Online so you can get the reliable data you need to make good decisions.

Certified as a Pumpkin Plan Strategist and a Fix This Next advisor means I have advanced knowledge in these proven frameworks to help get you operating from your "sweet spot" so growth and scaling are easier.

Hear what Mike Michalowicz has to say about Shelly ...

Bestselling author of Profit First, Fix This Next, The Pumpkin Plan, and other business books.

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